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Business Continuity Planning


Remote Backup and Recovery
Compliance Configuration


Systems Management
Consulting Services




Terms BCP Term Synopsis


BCP - Introduction An introduction to the Business Continuity Planning discussion Glossary

BCP - Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment Business Impact Analysis requires the input of the business's decision makers to determine what mission critical business.... Top BCP
Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the business management life cycle process used to identify, define.... Top BCP
BCP Life Cycle The BCP life cycle is a continuous process and evolves around your business as it changes and as new products.... Top BCP
BCP Life Cycle Definitions The BCP life cycle process has seven key steps.  The steps are defined as: Key Business Service Identification.... Top BCP
BCP Mission Critical Services A business function that is identified as mission critical to the survival of the business.  The criticality.... Top BCP
BCP Service Inter-Dependencies Every business service will have dependencies that have attributes comprised of either Inter services, Intra services, or.... Top BCP
BCP Service Intra-Dependencies Every business service will have dependencies that have attributes comprised of either Inter services, Intra services, or.... Top BCP
BCP Recovery Specifications Recovery specifications are the direct byproduct from the Business Impact Analysis and Risk Management processes of the BCP Life.... Top BCP
BCP Solution Implementation The solution implementation phase of the BCP Life Cycle encompasses all of the associated activities necessary for the installation.... Top BCP
BCP Testing and Validation The tasks associated with the testing and validation of the BCP and D/R services.  Test results should be measured.... Top BCP
BCP Routine Maintenance The tasks associated with the deployment and implementation of operating level updates from manufacturer recommendations.... Glossary

BCP Evolutionary Change Management Evolutionary Change Management is the continuous cycle of review and update of all existing and new services introduced for inclusion.... Top BCP
BCP Disater Recovery D/R planning requires the same levels of management sponsorship and organizational policies as with BCP to be an effective.... Top BCP
BCP Short Term Outage An interim disruption of service to a defined business process requiring an action plan to be executed based on the.... Top BCP
BCP Long Term Outage Long term outages are failure events extending beyond the defined short term outage threshold as weighed against.... Top BCP
BCP Street Wide Since 1999 the financial services industry has been conducting industry-wide tests with exchanges, trade.... Top BCP
BCP Recovery Time Objective (RTO) RTO is the time period from a failure to when the systems or services must be restored and ready for use.... Top BCP
BCP Recovery Point Objective (RPO) RPO determines the amount of data loss that is tolerable in the event of an outage or disaster.  It is generally.... Top BCP


Terms Remote Backup and Recovery Term Synopsis


Remote Backup and Recovery The Remote Backup and Recovery section is under construction Glossary

Top RemBkup


Terms Compliance Configuration Term Synopsis


Compliance - Introduction An introduction to regulatory compliance configurations for computer systems falling under the compliance umbrella.... Glossary

Top CompConf
Compliance - In General General discussion on regulatory compliance configuration practices.... Top CompConf
Compliance - Data Security Methodologies for implementation and administration of data security access controls.... Top CompConf
Compliance - Bastion Host Configuration Bastion host configuration is accomplished via the removal, or stoppage, of any runtime services that are deemed non-essential.... Top CompConf
Compliance - Layered Model for Security Data security configurations should be applied in a layered model approach and targeted for specific results; demonstrate.... Top CompConf
Compliance - Networking and Firewalls Network routers and firewalls are used as access control facilities managing all traffic in and out of the business.... Top CompConf
Compliance - Internet Web Access Internet inbound (ingress) and outbound (web access or egress) policies and procedures should be put in place so that.... Top CompConf
Compliance - Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Congress enacted legislation in 2002 as a result of corporate scandals involving World Com, Enron, Global Crossing and.... Top CompConf
Compliance - Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLBA) Congress enacted legislation in 1999 changing the way the financial services industry provides services to consumers.... Top CompConf
Compliance - Operating System Fixes An operating system is the interface between the user, the application services provided and the hardware components of a computer system.... Top CompConf
Compliance - Software Security Vulnerability Software security vulnerabilities deals with the application interfaces of an operating system, in-house provided or third.... Top CompConf
Compliance - Network Security Vulnerability Network security vulnerabilities deals with the connectivity interfaces of a network operating system at both hardware and.... Top CompConf
Compliance - Compute Infrastructure A compilation of computer hardware deployed as application servers, client desktops/laptops and the associated hardware used to.... Top CompConf
Compliance - Internal Exploits Today's security measures require greater access controls to be applied to protect business intellectual properties from unauthorized.... Top CompConf


Terms Systems Management Term Synopsis


Systems Mgmt. - Intro What is Computer Systems Management?  It is a management philosophy built upon the same principals.... Glossary

Top SysMgmt
Systems Mgmt. - 4 Steps An effective systems management life cycle process is built on a four step approach, with many drivers.  How mature the services.... Glossary

Top SysMgmt
Systems Mgmt. - Patching, Packaging and Distribution Standards in patching, packaging and distribution of software can reduce manual effort and overcome maintenance challenges.  Maturing Capabilities Model.... Glossary

Top SysMgmt
Systems Mgmt. - Bare Metal Provisioning Standards in bare metal build processes and procedures can reduce effort and overcome deployment challenges.  Maturing Capabilities Model.... Glossary

Top SysMgmt
Systems Mgmt. - Mgmt., Compliance and Governance Managing the platform during it's introduction to production and subsequent retirement requires vigilance and sustaining maintenance.... Glossary

Top SysMgmt
Systems Mgmt. - Usage Value - vs - Administrative Overhead The assessment process necessary to determine user base, application usefulness and platform retriement and/or re-deployment.... Glossary

Top SysMgmt
Systems Mgmt. - Value Add Propostion The value add proposition of the systems management philosophy is the reduction of operational impacts to the development organizations.... Glossary

Top SysMgmt
Systems Mgmt. - Patch Management Systems maintenance is a fundamental core competency of effective systems management.  The application of operating system, middle-ware.... Glossary

Top SysMgmt


Terms Consulting Services Term Synopsis


Consulting Services The Consulting Services section is under construction Glossary

Top Consult



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